Packaging innovations

About Us

Dubble Bubble Ltd were formed with the environment in mind, being able to use recyclables and recyclable as well as other substrates. We are driven to reduce packaging and to help us all tread lighter on the planet through the use of innovation.

The principle innovators spent many years working for two global leaders in the packaging Industry before forming Dubble Bubble Limited in 2012.

Our goal is to bring environmentally friendly solutions at a low unit cost that brings:

  • Unique product protection.
  • Added customer convenience.
  • Marketing opportunities.

Our practical experience drives us to seek solutions that deliver total cost benefits, production efficiencies and marketing opportunities.

Dubble Bubble Limited hold full patents in the UK, the US and Europe for both the pack and machinery.

The worlds first full production machine has been produced under licence and is producing packs at around one per second.

derek payne

Derek Payne

Over 40 years in the flexible Packaging Industry in technical sales, spending his last 9 years as a divisional Sales Director for one of the worlds leading packaging companies.

neville howes

Neville Howes

Worked in the food industry and then moved into technical sales in packaging. He formed his own packaging company in 2007.