Packaging innovations

The Bubble

The concept is simple, to use Air or Gas instead of heavyweight plastics to offer unique protection using lightweight materials.

The Bubble is designed to replace: ‘Clamshell’ packs, Cartons and boxes with ‘fillers’, Semi rigid M.A. Packs, Blister packs, Bubble-Wrap & other fillers.

Fully automated machines produce a patented Pack that uses lightweight materials, tailor made to each products individual requirements, with cost in mind.

The Bubble’s unique design offers:

  • Innovative protection for products produced in volume.
  • A totally new pack concept for the shelf and chill cabinet.
  • Recent trials have shown the bubble offers around 52% additional thermal protection.
  • Packing speeds suited to volume production.
  • Opportunities to extend shelf life & therefore reduce food spoilage.
  • Flexibility, from Easy Opening to high security features.
  • Food on-the-go concepts with customer convenience in mind.
  • Marketing appeal, with low cost ‘3D’ style print opportunities.
  • Significant potential for packaging weight reduction.
  • and much more…
dubble bubble manufacturing

Patent pending.