Packaging innovations

Packaging Weight Savings

Potential packaging savings - helping you tread lighter on the planet.

Product TypeCurrent MaterialsThe BubbleApx. Weight Saving
Fresh Meat APET/PE + Lid BOPP/PE 50%
Inkjet Cartridge APET Clam OPP/OPA/PE 81%
Shingled Bacon APET/PE + Lid BOPP/PE 55%
Breakfast Cereal Carbon + Liner OPP/OPA/PE 75%
Toilet Cleaner Blister Pack PETP/OPA/PE 40%
Small Cakes Tray + Flowrap BOPP/PE 55%
Shaving Razor APET Clam OPP/OPA/PE 80%

Why? Because AIR (or N/CO2) does the job of HEAVYWEIGHT materials giving PRODUCT PROTECTION.

Plus the new pack feels good because its cushion of air gives a substantial feel to the pack!